About Us

Two blokes, one brand, no limits.

Wanaka is one of those places that inspires. Mountains that move, lakes that stir and a community who set out each day to conquer them. It’s a breeding ground for raw talent, where dreams are born, fires are sparked and humans are forever redefining what’s possible.

A couple of local blokes swept up in the buzz, we noticed one barrier to our budding athletes’ success. The cost of training and competing can often be crippling and outstanding skills were at risk of being lost.

Where some folks see limits, we saw opportunity, and decided to create a company that dedicated one hundred percent of its profits to removing the financial boundaries of their goals. A bold, brave clothing brand that encapsulated our inspiring town and encouraged all who wore it to strive for more – no matter what they’re doing.  

With your help, we now support three remarkable athletes - New Zealand under 21 female Kate champion Holly Wigg and International Development Programme snowboarders Oscar and Lucia Georgalli. When you buy any of our shirts, hats, singlets, hoodies and jackets, you’re covering their costs of competition entry, training, travel, accommodation, equipment and anything else that will help them on their way to the top.

But it’s more than just the dosh. Every time our athletes see you donning the No Limits brand, they are reminded that nothing will get in the way of them achieving their dreams and see an inspiring crew of fans that will support them on their road to glory.  

From the bottoms of our blokey hearts, we would like to thank you for joining the team of loud, proud and well-dressed supporters cheering on our young New Zealand athletes. With your generous help and great taste, we can continue to remove the limits and support more young talent across the country.

- Proud supporters, Wanaka locals and No Limits Clothing founders, Adam and Josiah.